Lucia’s Kale Salad

Welcome, my friends, to this blog.  It’s taken me a while to finally create this darn thang, but I’m glad you’ve decided to join me on my culinary adventure.  As of now I have zero game plan here except to share my foody thoughts with you in hopes of getting your foody juices flowing.  Now let’s get down to business…

This is my main squeeze these days, I just can’t get enough:  Lucia’s Kale Salad

Super easy, quite inexpensive and absolutely delicious!  It can be eaten as a meal in itself or as a side dish.


  • One head of kale (as always, organic if possible), washed, stalks removed and finely chopped
  • A generous portion of peeled ginger, grated (it helps if the ginger is frozen)
  • A healthy drizzle of olive oil
  • Apple cider vinegar, added in small increments (as an alternative, I prefer to use fresh lemon juice and a bit of grated lemon zest)
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper

Also, if you fancy: minced garlic, onion, chili flakes (I throw a ton of garlic in mine).  Normally raw garlic is too intense of a flavor for me, but in this recipe in particular, it matches up really well with the garlic and lemon juice so don’t be skimpy.

NOW, the key to this recipe is massaging in a large bowl (with hands, you don’t have another option here, just suck it up and go for it).  Not only is this dish super yummy, but it is incredibly good for you too.  Can you tell by now that I am obsessed with this salad?

A bit about kale: Eaten raw, the texture of kale can be a bit unwelcoming and/or unappetizing.  Pairing it with olive oil and an acid works to break it down, and surely using your hands to massage the kale for a few minutes will help to reinforce this wilting into a more appealing leafy green.  It comes in several different varieties, so if you have a choice you should select a ripe yet less rigid type.

A bit about Lucia:  Lucia is one of my very dear friends and a mentor of mine both in the kitchen and out, and in the best of ways she is a hilariously particular woman.  When I say particular, I don’t mean in her recipes, in fact when I furiously scribble notes during her cooking lessons she absolutely refuses to give me exact measurements as she believes that the right measurements should be felt with the heart.  A prime example of her particularity is that she follows a strictly raw diet and yet still manages to create the most original, flavorful, and delicious recipes I have ever tasted.  More about this raw diet of hers another time.

A bit about the title of my blog:  The definition of a recipe denotes exact measurements, and yet my title suggests that there is no one recipe for a dish.  I realize the irony in the title of my blog, No Such Recipe, but that is why I went with it.  I found inspiration in Lucia’s cooking lessons, as I mentioned that she refuses to give exact measurements but merely gives me a few guidelines, preferred ingredients and notes on technique.  This is how I hope to convey my “recipes” on this blog.

One more thing, I promise: kale chips are the ISH as well, second only to Lucia’s Kale Salad!  One head of kale makes for a ton of salad, so you may want to reserve half or a quarter of the chopped kale leaves for this simple snack.  To make these tasty treats, toss kale whole leaves in olive oil, sea salt and black pepper and spread onto a greased baking sheet.  Bake for 15-20 minutes at 250, and ta-daa!  kale two ways, BOOM.



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