Less is More: A Dinner at Lucia’s

This is what a typical dinner at the home of my cooking mentor, the amazingly gifted Lucia, looks like:

homemade hemp seed crackers, sun dried olives, avocado and cremini mushroom salad, Barbera d'Alba wine

simple avocado and cremini mushroom salad with basil, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper

mixed greens with nasturtium flowers, mint, and a light olive oil and homemade lemon confit dressing

simply sliced blood orange for dessert

What I love the most about her cooking is that it’s incredibly light and simple, and yet she manages to create beautiful dishes that literally dance around in my mouth.  I wanted to post these pictures as a reminder to my readers, but mostly to myself, that flavorful cooking does not need to be complicated.  This is the perfect example of the phrase less is more, in allowing the flavors of real and pure ingredients speak for themselves.

Tonight Lucia sent me home with a jar of her homemade cherries preserved in grappa, an Italian beverage with intense alcohol flavor.  She also wrote down the recipe for her homemade lemon confit, which I hope create and document it on this blog in due time.


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