Thanksgiving at the Kemps

Note: this is a quick post I wrote shortly after Thanksgiving that I never actually published….never too late for a blog post.

Thanksgiving was more than I could have asked for this year.  Not only did I get to binge out on tons of carby, sugary goodness after a week and a half of utter deprivation, but I also successfully managed to pull off a surprise visit home.  It marked the first time in over two years that I was able to come home for the holiday after two consecutive winters in Snowmass, so it was an especially memorable one for me.

Thanksgiving for me is all about coffee and iPad-time in the morning in between my parents in bed, hanging out with my family and closest friends, cooking lots of yummy food, chillin and watching movies, and yes, wine.  There’s not much more I need, really.

Here are a few pictures I snapped this past weekend.

Mama cookin up a delicious chocolate pecan pie from scratch.

Fig, ricotta, arugula, and hazelnut mini-pizzas Kyle and I made for a starter.

Apps and wine around the fire.

Daddy trimming the turkey.

I almost finished that entire plate! (note, the wine is Domaine Drouhin 2010 Pinot Noir that I smuggled home from Oregon)

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Thanksgiving!


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